Impalement 0407 326x245 - Photos: Baden In Blut 2021

Photos: Baden In Blut 2021

Bands: Dark Zodiak, Impalement, Groza, Necrotted, Unlight, Revel In Flesh, Thulcadra, (Disbelief, Desaster)

Audrey Horne

Photos: Baden In Blut 2019

Bands Baden In Blut: Thron, Anomalie, Bölzer, Aborted, Pertness, The Spirit, Parasite Inc., Burning Witches, Audrey Horne, Decapitated, Alcest, Sodom, Wintersun

Taake - Forest Fest 2019

Photos: Forest Fest VIII

Bands Forest Fest 2019: Sacrifizer, Liber Null, Black March, Stahlsarg, Frostmoon Eclipse, Moonreich, Svarttjern, Taake, Suture, Absolvtion, Tenebrae Aeternum, Eggs of Gommorrh, Bliss Of Flesh, Heinous, Skelethal, Whiskey Ritual, Belenos, Heretic, Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult, (Forgotten Tomb)