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Termin: 2019-11-16 Blood Fest Vol.I / Zürich

16. November @ 16:00 - 0:30

Blood Fest Vol.I

Bands Blood Fest Vol.I: Xaon, FNB Band, Antzaat, Tenebrae Aeternum, Asgard, Soldiers Bloodcraft, Shrines Of Dying Light

Doors: 16:00
Bands: 16:30

//: Xaon

XAON. An elusive name born amidst Switzerland’s highest mountains. Never quite fitting in any oft he numerous galleries metal has to offer, drifting through the extremes whilst juxtaposing finesse and vehemence from the vast echoic gloominess of the human mind.

//: FNB Band

Female Nose Breaker. You’ll die. No more words needed.
A real punch in the face, blasting slam death metal with a touch of “holy sh*#”.
Beware of their blast betas, insane riffing and vibrating low frenquenzies!

//: Antzaat

The Antzaat sound can be best described as old-school Scandinavian black mteal, similar to bands like Sargeist and Behexen.
On the 25th. Of September 2017, Antzaat released their first EP “The Black Hands of the Father” with Immortal Frost Production.

//: Tenebrae Aeternum

Tenebrae Aeternum is an expression of spirituality, thoughts and feelings in form of musical art.
The four musicians from all over switzerland create their dark, agressiv and disharmonic music based on occult, religious and cabbalistic themes.
The art created by Tenebrae Aeternum is not only to listen to it, but to see it, to feel it and to explore dimensions of yourself. For the brightest light shines in the dark.


//: Asgard

Asgard are no strangers, an ongoing chapter in a steadily changing scene.
With songs like “War At Last” or “Leviathan” they perform a solid kind of classic black metal in the style of Gorgoroth or Taake.

//: Soldiers Bloodcraft

The five warriors of Soldiers Bloodcraft will show you what it is to be at war. At least in a musical way.
With their own interpretation of classic Death Metal the boys of Zurich present you an easier but not less interesting mix of sounds like Aborted and Decapitated.
With their catchy and driving riffs, blast beats, doublebase attacks and sick voice.
Life’s too short for slow music.

//: Shrines Of Dying Light

Shrines of Dying Light will open the evening with their well played Doom Metal. A mixture of memorable, melancholic melodies, powerful deep vocals and well placed drumbeats.

Let us take you on a journey through a atmospheric set of one of Switzerland’s best Doom Metal bands.

Art exhibition of Tufan Ozturk

Merchstand by Asgard Hass

Metal Factory
Metal Inside
Swiss Attack
Nissyen Arts

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